The Story

 In 2009  JB was disgnoses with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD). DMD is a crippling and cruel disease that typically takes the lives of these boys around the age of 20.
A few months after receiving the diognosis JB's family founded JB’s Keys to DMD on his 2nd Birthday. This is his gift, our commitment to change JB’s future.

Now 7, JB knows
he has Duchenne
his muscles work differently he is not a fast runner
he takes eight pills a day
he has to do stretches every day physical therapy is twice a week he wears leg braces at night
What JB knows does not define him
laughs when he is afraid stutters when he is excited
only kisses with a fishy face loves swimming
wants pizza for every meal
has an all access pass at boston college loves the beach
speeds down the slopes
sings every song on the radio
is happiest on his pirate boat
JB is a
friend, cousin, brother, grandson, teammate and our son
It is our duty
to fight DMD and give JB a life to live
A life filled
with love, laughter and opportunities

JB is one boy who represents thousands of boys in various stages of this ruthless disease.  Help us, those who love JB and those who love other boys with DMD.

Help us Fight!